Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Book

I thought this was a pretty cute idea - you spend a lot of time planning out each birthday party - what better way to remember/document each party than with a journal?! It has a spot for each birthday from 1 - 18 where you can put pictures, invitations, can buy this at Amazon for under $20

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Baby Rocks

When the hubs & I went on our honeymoon to Jamaica, we fell in love with Bob Marley on a whole new level. His music and messages were everywhere. Every time I hear his songs, I break out into a smile and it transports me back to blue skies, clear blue oceans, a tropical drink in my hand, the sun shining and my new husband by my side grinning back at me. So when I found this awesome onesie at My Baby Rocks, I knew, no matter the gender, our child would own this and rock it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Owl Theme

My wonderful best friend found some owl stuff to make me drool over - she's the best, she understands my need to decorate something that isn't there yet! haha. So she feeds the beast - but I know I do the same to her.

This nursery was featured on Spearmint Baby, I LOVE the wall color and that owl wall hanging above the crib. Super cute. I also like the frame on the left of the tree decal - it looks like the lyrics to a song or a poem with pretty font and framed up there. Plus there is that owl pillow I posted about earlier from Etsy!

What I really like about this are the pictures on the right side of shelves - I believe those are just pieces of fabric from different parts of the nursery, framed and hung as art work. I love that idea and I think if I go with the Etsy seller who makes Stokke bedding, I would have her ship a few extra pieces just for this very reason.