Friday, January 29, 2010


I like this the most out of any bedding I've found that works with the Stokke crib. I'm not in love with it but I do really like it. And I think I would make it so I do love it. It's black and white with green accents - gender neutral and it could be fun to find accents to add in the nursery so it's not so "blah". (Where is that monkey they show in the picture...that I love.)

Stokke Crib

This is our crib - we already have it. I won it a few years back. Yeah...I know, we weren't even married yet and I won a crib. Go figure. Anyway, while it's super awesome in the fact that it grows with the baby - (It goes from bassinet to crib to toddler bed to junior bed to chair) - the lack of bedding makes me sad. Seriously - there are like five different bedding options to pick from. And in case you've missed the obvious - it's a circle and then an oval. It's not like you can go pick up bedding from Babies R Us or something. I told DH that we could give it to one of our moms so they have a spot to let our baby sleep when he/she stays the night. The look he gave me told me that was out of the question. So in all of my excitement to plan the nursery (someday) I get stuck with this cool crib and not so cool bedding options. I need to find out how hard it is to make oval sized bedding.

I take it all back - BeBe Chick will make any of their bedding to fit Stokke. I am now stalking their site.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

NOT in the birth plan

So as you all know I'm not knocked up yet...or am I? FF hasn't given me cross hairs just yet but they could be coming any day now. Anyway...I wondered over to Heir to Blair (love her) and read her guest blogger (adore her as well). She was discussing how moms as a whole shouldn't judge each other and as long as your child is safe and healthy and loved all should be good. She mentioned something about Lotus, I have no clue as to what that is. And wanting to be educated in all things mommy I wikipedia'd it. O.M.F.G I need to read that when I am foraging for food at 9 PM because that is the best weight loss plan ever. *VOMIT* If the description isn't enough to make you queezy just check out the pictures attached.

Now - no judging here if you have done it or plan to do it but OMFG! What do you do with it? Why would you? Doesn't it smell? Oh and ew!

So needless to say - that will NOT be in my birth plan. Not even close. Nope.

Giraffe Bib

At first I saw this bib because I typed in "giraffe" since I am obsessed with giraffe print myself and I thought "A cloth bib? Um...." Because why would you want a cloth bib? Don't they just make a mess all over it and stain it? But I read what the mommy inventor wrote and I want it.
Tired of the laminate bibs just rolling liquid right off onto clothes! Or your little one pulling the bib right off because it closes with velcro? And what about the bibs that tie in the back and painfully digs right into baby's neck when the pull on it? Look no further!!!

Wipe Cases

Ok - first of all why pull out boring no fun wipes when you can have THESE wipe covers? It really boggles the mind why anyone would put up with plan old white or blue cases doesn't it? I know I know. So we have owls - which is a big duh as to why I like them. I'm noticing a theme! But then...then I found the sushi one. OMG if you know me IRL you know that sushi and me are bestest friends. In fact, my mouth is watering right now. Hmmm....I don't know if I want my mouth watering when I'm pulling these babies out though.

Baby Bear

Too cute. I showed DH this and told him we had to have it for our baby. He told me to buy it. I cannot get over how stinkin' cute this is.

Ski Baby

I will let this picture speak for itself. A baby with a big hat on...I want both.

Diaper Covers

OMG - I don't care what gender our baby is they are getting this diaper cover. So freaking cute! DH was in the army and this is adorable! I ♥ it. Plus I can just put our last name on it - no need to know the gender for this! I bet this cover makes it into some of his/her first pictures!

Owl Rug

Speaking of owls - this rug is awesome. That is all.

Owl Lamp

Tell me this lamp did not make you smile? It's so cute - I really love the owls - I seem to be on an owl theme kick lately. Can owls be considered gender neutral? I love the bright green base of this lamp too. I love the idea of bolder colors in the nursery vs softer pastel colors. Green is probably going to be my mail color of choice - since yellow is overwhelming in bold colors and too soft in pastel.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


My child will be a bookworm like I am - at least I hope so. I love to read and plan on reading to our child often, even before they are born. I love this bookcase because it's at the correct level and neutral in color. It could probably even be painted to match better or just accented with bright colors as the picture shows.

This bookcase however, made me stop and click "back" on my browser button. A tree bookshelf? Are you kidding me? Can you make it bigger so it fits all of my books? I ♥ it and want it for myself, never mind the kid!


Can you tell me that is not the cutest thing ever? Gap has a whole turtle theme for the nursery. How cute is that? I thought this little guy would make for a good accent in my dream nature nursery. I can already see our future baby gumming the turtles head while DH sighs at the $30 chew toy I bought. haha.

Wall Decals

I love the owl -it's nature themed yet also "kid friendly". I don't want the nursery to be too serious, it's a place for the baby to dream and grow. Of course the tree fits right in with my stump I want. :) I was thinking of doing the walls in the nursery this shade of green as well so it's nice to see how it may all look together.

I saw a bedding option that would go perfectly with this decal - I love the fawn. In our yard we have a "momma deer" that beds down behind our house and every year she has two fawns following her around. This would be bring out outside, inside!

Handle Cushions

Another Etsy find - I thought how great an idea this was - a little extra padding for your elbow as you carry junior around. Right now the seller has a lot of girl designs, a handful of boy and very few you could really consider gender neutral but I bet she would make a custom made one. If not, they don't look that hard to make on your own.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tree Stumps

I couldn't resist - I found this on Etsy too. (I told you it was crack) It's a tree stump floor pillow. Perfect for my nature theme and perfect for baby to play with. I mean how cute is that? It's meant to be on the floor too which makes it even more up my alley. It comes unfilled so it is up to you what you want to fill it with and it has a zipper closure - which makes for easy cleaning. (Read: throw in washing machine)

Clothing Dividers

Etsy is crack - it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, it's the cats's....oh you get it? A friend of mine, Amy (you'll hear a lot about her) is expecting her 1st, a daughter, in April. I am hanging on her every pregnant word while scribbling notes and making this blog. She found these cute clothing dividers on Etsy and bought some for her nursery. Since I will not know the gender - I thought these green ones were really cute but not my style per say. I'd love to have the nursery done in a nature theme - so I was excited to see the seller will make them per your style/request. And since DH and I are one of the very last couples in our group of friends to have kids - I have seen the onslaught of clothing one can collect from excited friends, family members and of course, showers. It would be great to sort them so I can reach for what I need as the baby grows. Yes - I am aware our child will have a wardrobe to put my DH and myself to shame. Who can resist tiny cute clothing?

About Me

I'm starting this blog to keep track of items and ideas for my pregnancy and the birth of the baby I'm dreaming about. DH and I have been married since June 2009 and have been TTC since September 2009. I am currently charting my temps and taking B6 in hopes to "fix" a short LP on a super long cycle. So far we have not had to have a doctor step in but know that this could be in our future.

I have always wanted to keep the gender of my babies a surprise until delivery - DH is 110% opposed to that and wants to know what we're having ASAP. I have made the compromise to find out with #2 if we can keep #1 a surprise. DH insists that he should be able to know and promises to not let me or anyone else know. I cannot bring myself to allow this for fear he may slip up and let the cat out of the bag.

In the meantime - we're still trying to get knocked up the old fashioned way and I needed a spot to bookmark and show off all the ideas I've found and heard about. Since the gender will be kept under wraps until birth - most of the things I will post about will be gender neutral but I'm sure a few gender specific items will sneak in just because they're cute.