Friday, August 13, 2010

Newborn Pictures...

So I'm already dreaming of our pictures for our baby when s/he's a newborn. They're just so cute and perfect. I was browsing Etsy and saw this skirt and fell in love. I need to have a girl so I can dress her up in this - I think DH would be a bit miffed if I put our boy in this but how can you not sigh with romance? I adore this skirt!!!


  1. Oh shopping for girls is so much fun!!! You do find yourself buying a lot of pink... I thought I would resist but I failed and now Izzy has a lot of pink clothes! After the 100th pink outfit D said.. aren't there any more colours? HEHEHE!

  2. We have a whole collection. The Kiaya Eve skirts are the softest and fullest we have found. You can also buy knock-off's on ebay that come from Hong Kong. Some have been better than others LOL

  3. If you're getting professional pics done, ask your photographer what props they have-- ours has a TON so we're not buying anything!